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Welcome to Goju Massage – Reading.  Are you looking for a massage therapist that will focus on your individual needs and will help you on your journey to recovery?

At Goju Massage we take pride in providing a unique approach with offering you a choice of various Raynor Massage treatments.

When you choose a Raynor Massage treatment the focus will be on you.  The treatments are suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  With offering an option of an onsite or mobile treatment service, shouldn’t you be saying to yourself, my time is now?

It’s time for you to take a break and focus on your wellness.  With proven benefits of receiving a fantastic massage you will be wondering why you haven’t contacted Goju Massage sooner.




We provide a deep tissue massage focusing on locating and releasing residual tension. Focusing on the body as a whole and improving pain and discomfort.


If you have been looking for an effective, deep tissue Sports Massage therapist in Reading, look no further.

Raynor Massage works on a deeper level than a typical Sports Massage and helps peeling back layers of tensions associated with sports injuries.


Are you an expectant Mom and in need of some TLC?

A study carried out by The University of Miami School of Medicine suggested that a massage during pregnancy has the following benefits: Reduced Anxiety, Better Sleep, Improved Mood and Less Back Pain. Not to mention aiding with associated aches, swelling and other discomfort relating to pregnancy.


By recognising the vital role of massaging the hands and feet we believe it will not only increase the effectiveness of the treatment but also greatly benefits the whole body.


Aromatherapy is the use of plant essences also known as essential oils for therapeutic purposes and is a safe, natural approach for effectively managing pain.  Essential oils can be blended and with the combination of specific massage techniques, it decreases pain levels and supports the body’s natural ability to rest and heal.


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