Aromatherapy is one of the most established massage methods and dates back to the ancient times.  Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans used sweet-smelling oils for healing, as aromas, and even during religious functions.  In the course of the most recent century, researchers have shown the recuperating characteristics of numerous basic oils.

Aromatherapy is the use of plant essences also known as essential oils for therapeutic purposes and is a safe, natural approach for effectively managing pain.  Essential oils can be blended and with the the combination of specific massage techniques, it decreases pain levels and supports the body’s natural ability to rest and heal.  The essential oils may either be inhaled or applied to the skin to help support the immune system.  The oils promote properties which offer relaxation, enhances sleep, provides stress relief, ease muscle tension and pain, and support emotional balance.

Evidence based on study completed in 2016 by Dr Shaheen E Lakhan (MD, PhD, MEd, MS, FAAN’S ) proved that aromatherapy massage is successful at manually controlling symptoms of pain in a variety of health conditions.

Benefits Aromatherapy Massage

  • Recuperating and Recovery – As stimulants, numerous basic oils can help build the rate of mending all through the body.  This can be because increased oxygen in the blood stream.  The anti-microbial properties of certain basic oils additionally keep the body ensured amid these sensitive curing of the body.  You may need internal healing after surgeries, injuries or sickness.  Oils like lavender, ylang, rosehip, frankincense, rosemary and tea tree are known for accomplishing more than just curing a wound.
  • Doctors’ recommendation – Aromatherapy Massage can lessen the agony and distress of menstrual issues, a recent report from the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends it.  A recent study has revealed that fragrance based treatment rub can diminish the seriousness of agony.
  • Reduces stress – Aromatherapy has been observed to be a significant unwinding method for diminishing tension and stress.  It is helpful to the insusceptible framework and basic oils like that of sweet almond, lavender oil, cypress oil and tea tree oil can really act like a stress buster invigorating your instantly.
  • Treating disorders – The use of the oils combined with massage have been proven to treat sleeping disorders, balding, disturbances, emotional blockages and even psoriasis.
  • Calms the mind – Smell, feeling, and memory are firmly related.  Specialists trust certain fragrances trigger positive recollections and emotions and may add to tension alleviation.  Everybody has diverse individual relationship with different fragrances.  This, combined with a specific level of faith in fragrant healing medications can change the course of recuperation.


What Does This Massage Involve?


  • We can customize your sessions and the nature of basic oils
  • The oil is mixed as per your individual needs

Below mentioned are a few aromas that can be made use of:

  • Peppermint and lemon can calm queasiness and regurgitating
  • Frankincense, rose and lavender can decrease dread as well as uneasiness
  • Rosemary oil is good for adaptability and movement
  • Tea tree oil to battle bacterial/parasitic diseases and aggravation


Who can benefit from Aromatherapy Massage?


This treatment is beneficial for all people, but especially so for those that are trying to recover from surgery, major illness and those that want mental peace.

The crux of aroma based treatment lies in creating a synergy, utilising a mix of oils and professional massage.  Aromatherapy massage with basic oil-scented back rub oils and creams may ease pressure, uneasiness and quicken the recuperation process for all.

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