Whether you’re an athlete or recuperating an injury, massages have always proven to have reduced psychological stress and physical pain.  I provide a deep tissue massage aimed at locating and releasing residual tension by focusing on the body as a whole and improving pain and discomfort.

The deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension.  The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

A deep tissue massage treatment discharges incessant muscle strain with deeper pressure.  The attention is focused on the  layers of muscle tissues and ligaments.  It’s utilised for tightened muscles, chronic aches and contracted zones.

Advantages of Deep tissue massage


This massage focuses on specific areas that will ease your pain. We have recorded a few benefits that you can count on:

  • Pain relief – Studies reveal that regular Deep Tissue Massage treatments can ease pain drastically and can ward off lower back pain, neck pain, limited mobility, tennis elbow, sciatica and even carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Reduces anxiety– Aggravation caused by endless pressure and muscle strain can prompt intensified general wellbeing, longer recuperation time, lessened resistant capacity and cardiovascular issues, for example, hypertension. Studies have discovered that back rub treatment can help bring down cortisol levels and even lift generation of the hormone called oxytocin, which unwinds the body and has alleviating impacts. This therapy can cure stress and muscle tension with equal finesse because of the same hormone.
  • Pregnancy– As mentioned it decreases the level of cortisol, blood flow is increased and this eases back pain to a certain extent. Hence, women that receive massage therapy during labor, tend to experience lesser pain. It minimizes anxiety and results into average labor (time) with fewer medications. Women have started showing faith in alternative medicine during labor and this is just an example.
  • Treats arthritis– Not to forget that it can relieve you of the pain caused by arthritis and osteoarthritis. Firm massages in such cases prove to be of help in contrast to light massages.
  • Lowers blood pressure– A Deep Tissue Massage treatment can do wonders for people with high blood pressure. Most people find it relaxing as it has a direct effect on diastolic, mean arterial and systolic blood pressure readings.
  • Other cures– It can cure posture related problems as well as eradicate muscle tension in glutes, hamstrings, legs, quadriceps, upper back and rhomboids.

How Does This Work?


This can infrequently feel more excruciating accordingly contrasted with standard “unwinding rubs.” However, the weight engaged with the back rubs is really worth something. The tissue massage additionally has a tendency to be slower-paced and longer than other massages.

  • They treatment is based on individual needs
  • They can diminish the uneasiness or stress held in the body and enhance unwinding
  • They exert pressure over muscles to discharge adhesions that can realign fibers of tissues
  • use pressure and friction like that of deep kneading and sliding along the length of the muscle filaments utilizing the lower arm, elbow, thumbs and knuckles for maximum pain relief

While a portion of the strokes may feel the same as those utilized as a part of Swedish massage, the Deep tissue massageisn’t the same as having a normal back rub for sure. The objectives and systems are unique of this massage therapy. It might help with specific conditions, but make sure to speak with your therapist to get the most out of it.


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