Raynor Massage is the only massage method which combines various massage styles with a holistic approach to treat pain and discomfort caused by tension in muscular and skeletal areas.


The Origins of Raynor Massage


Raynor Naturopathic Massage was developed by Brandon Raynor who has been treating and healing clients through massage and Naturopathy since 1991.

Using his skills and knowledge acquired from Diplomas in Naturopathy, Remedial Massage, Shiatsu, Chinese Herbs, and Ayurvedic Medicine, and holistic healing methods, Brandon developed Raynor massage.


Why is Raynor Massage so effective?


Treatments are based on individual needs and is focused on releasing built-up residual tension within the body.

During the treatment we look and treat the body as a whole holistic organism.

We recognise that even though the body hurts in a specific area, the actual cause might be located elsewhere in the body.  Following muscle bands we track and locate the actual root of the pain which will eliminate the pain and discomfort.

Tension in the body can be caused by physical activities or strain, or emotional stress.  Many of us don’t even know how much residual tension we are carrying around as we’ve gotten so used to the aches pains just being there.

A simple way of explaining residual tension is to look at muscles which are stiff and sore to the touch which should be fairly soft and pain free when in a relaxed state.

Areas that carry a lot of residual tension are neck, shoulders, lower back, glutes and even the calves.

As humans we are wired to care and feel deeply and often by doing so we get anxious and worried, which results in physical pain, as the “worry” settles in your neck and shoulders.

How often have you felt pain and stiffness in your neck and shoulders without having done any physical activity? How often have you been in discomfort and have woken-up on the “wrong side” of the bed the next morning? These are signs that you most likely have residual tension build-up and could certainly benefit from this amazing treatment.

We use various massage techniques and stretches and also focus on key parts of the body, the feet, hands, head and hips which traditional therapists often neglect. We believe these areas are prone to getting blocked and freeing up that stagnation will not just make these areas feel great but will benefit the whole body.


What is a Healing Crisis?


Due to the sudden, and at times very intense release of toxins some people experience an after effect causing a very drained feeling. This effect is generally referred to as a healing crisis and is definitely not long lasting.

The healing crisis are in some cases a vital step in recovery, especially so when people are experiencing an emotional release and breakthrough.  The emphasises are not just on a “feel-good” massage, but on the massage being therapeutically effective and releasing residual tension.  This might be an uncomfortable treatment for some people, especially if it’s a new experience for them, but more often people just enjoy this fantastic massage treatment.

Once the healing crisis has passed, the body tends to be in a more relaxed state and generally feels better overall.




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