Zone therapy is another name for this therapy and is used as an alternative treatment. This therapy has gained sufficient amount of popularity and people are now resorting to it instead of using harsh medication to eliminate stress.  By recognising the vital role of massaging the hands and feet we believe it will not only increase the effectiveness of the treatment but also greatly benefits the whole body.

Benefits Of Reflexology

This therapy actually has a lot of benefits as it facilitates blood circulation over the body.  With this therapy your body can get rid of toxins very easily. Your nervous system begins to work properly and prevent issues with your urinary tract and reduce migraines.  This massage technique helps to reduce pain, depression and sleep disorders.  Some of the major benefits are discussed below.

  • Enhanced Nerve Function:  There is no denying that our nerves become weaker as we age and for some people it happens prematurely.  However there is always hope with Reflexology.  This is known to stimulate at least 7000 nerve endings within a session.  When this is done right it can improve the reactivity and function of the nervous system.
  • Boosted Levels Of Energy:  This massage can increase your metabolism and fuel your body with energy to function properly.  If you have been feeling a little lethargic of late then this therapy can help you revitalize yourself.
  • Improved Circulation:  It is a fact that Reflexology helps to improve the circulation of blood and oxygen all over the body.  This basically means all the important organs in your body will function properly and will promote regeneration of the damaged cells.
  • Ultimate Relaxation:  If you are feeling irritated or restless for a long time it is probably because your nerves are pinched.  There is no need to feel disheartened as this therapy can fill your system with relaxation and also cure insomnia.
  • Eliminate Toxins:  Reflexology is known to enhance and improve the functioning of your bladder and reduce any issues with your urinary tract.  It is also able to eliminate toxins from your system and prevent a host of health disorders.
  • Simulation Of The Nervous System:  Reflexology can open our neural pathways and thus improves the cognitive powers in our body.  It is also known to improve our memory.
  • Reduces Headaches:  This massage is very effective in getting rid of pain.  If you have been suffering with nagging headaches then Reflexology can help.  Headaches are often related to stress, so if you manage to get rid of the stress then the headaches will disappear.
  • Improved healing:  If you do not like using medicines to heal pinched nerves then this therapy will work just fine.

How Does This Therapy Work?

Expert reflexologists state that this therapy helps to release stress that causes the body to regenerate and heal its self.  There are quite a few theories on how this therapy works and heals people.  Here are some of the theories that will explain how this therapy works.

  • The reflexologist applies suitable pressure to the ears, hands and feet which sends a message to the peripheral nerves telling them to calm down.  This helps the body to curb the tension level in the body.
  • A theory suggests that it is the brain that produces the sensation of pain in our body and this happens because of the stress in our body.  So, the primary objective of this therapy is to cut down the level of stress in our body to eliminate pain.
  • Since the feet is the meeting point of all the nerves in our body, the reflexologists massages the feet and applies pressure on certain points to calm all the nerves.  This helps the entire body to relax.

During a Raynor massage treatment, it is somewhat unlikely that the entire treatment will consist of reflexology only.  We use reflexology as an important tool to help locate and release tension areas within the body.  Therefore. we see it as a necessity to include reflexology as part of the overall treatment.

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